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Reverse Rotation

Horsepower 650

Displacement 1.5L - 6.0L


Part # 3081001-SR


Reverse rotation turbochargers are a mirror image of conventional rotation turbos and allow for symmetry in V-configuration engine twin turbo setups. Symmetric turbos also allow for ease of intercooler, charge pipe, and exhaust fabrication! Reverse rotation turbos aren’t limited to twin turbo application’s, they could provide the clearance needed for inline engine configurations.

As we know, the journal bearing has long been the strength of a turbocharger and is still currently used within most turbochargers. However, a ball bearing cartridge is the latest in turbocharger bearing technology providing momentous performance enhancements and at Comp Turbo, is being taken to a new level still! Comp Turbo's innovative design and technology has reset that standard for quality, performance, and value! High performance applications require a turbocharger that accelerates fast to build boost pressure as rapidly as possible, allowing the engine to develop high torque at low engine speed and produce very high-power output at maximum engine speed. Enter Comp Turbo's patented Triplex Ceramic Turbochargers! Comp Turbo ball bearing turbochargers feature a patented triplex ball bearing design boasting a 99% mechanical efficiency! Resulting in a faster transient response over the industry standard dual ball bearing system due to minimized friction losses. Dramatically improving response times and maximizing power output! Our patented Triplex Ceramic bearing system is housed within a billet aluminum cartridge making our turbochargers an average of 5 to 12 pounds lighter than others! Our complete line of turbochargers is proudly made in the USA and feature our latest R-Line technology! Consisting of the CTR 7/14 veined billet slim hub extended tip compressor wheel and high efficiency CTR slim hub lightweight high flow turbine wheel, our most advanced rotor technology yet!


Titanium Bullet Nose

Faster Transient Response

99% Mechanical Efficiency

Fully Rebuildable/Upgradeable

Anti-Surge Compressor Housing

Billet Aluminum Bearing Housing

Patented TRIPLEX CERAMIC™ Ball Bearing System

3X Thrust Load Capacity Than Journal Bearing System

NEW 7/14 Vane Billet Slim Hub Extended Tip Compressor Wheel


Anodized Bearing Housing

Anodized Compressor Wheels

Polished Compressor Housing

Ceramic Coated Turbine Housing

Powder Coated Compressor Housing

CTR Compressor Wheel Technology

The R-line of compressor wheels are 7-14 vaned and embody the latest in compressor design technology.  They feature a minimum diameter hub to maximize intake airflow and an extended tip design for increased efficiency at higher pressure ratios. The R-line design features, including maximum inducer diameters, produce higher boost pressures at high engine speeds and allow increases in engine HP output of up to 15%. The R-line of advanced design compressor wheels is now available on our complete line of CT turbochargers.

CTR High Flow Turbine Technology

The CTR Turbine wheels are 25% lower inertia leading to faster rotor acceleration. The slim hub and thin blade design make this wheel unique while the design feature maximizes the flow capacity, increasing it  by 30% more than the prior GT style Turbine wheel. The Comp Turbo CTR high flow turbine wheels have minimal leaving velocity due to a longer surface blade length, thus leaving losses are minimized.  Which leads to higher turbine efficiency and greater flow range than available turbine wheels in the industry.  CTR turbine wheels are designed where high exhaust flow capability is required and have minimal leaving gas velocity that increases turbine efficiency.



Oil Inlet Feed          Oil Drain Thread

1/8 27 NPT               1/2 14 NPT


Exducer    Inducer

81mm       58mm














1/8-27 NPT

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