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Horsepower 1175

Displacement 1.5L - 6.0L

Dynamic 360° Journal Bearing

Part # 4102007-H

The CTR journal bearing turbocharger has long been regarded as the best value, psi per dollar. Comp Turbo's innovative design and technology has reset the standard for quality, performance, and value! Our journal bearing turbochargers feature a dynamic 360° thrust bearing over the industry standard 270° bearing system. The advantages of the CTR Dynamic 360° Journal Bearing turbochargers include improved lubrication, extended lifespan, and greater thrust load capacity! Our complete line of turbochargers is proudly made in the USA and feature the latest in our R-Line technology! Comp Turbo Dynamic 360° Journal Bearing turbochargers come equipped with the CTR 7/14 veined billet slim hub extended tip compressor wheel and signature titanium bullet nose.


Titanium Bullet Nose

360° Dynamic Thrust Bearing

Fully Rebuildable/Upgradeable

Anti-Surge Compressor Housing

NEW CTR 7/14 Billet Slim Hub Extended Tip Compressor Wheel


Anodized Bearing Housing

Anodized Compressor Wheels

Polished Compressor Housing

Ceramic Coated Turbine Housing

Powder Coated Compressor Housing

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