Horsepower 2800

Displacement 3.0L - 12.0L


Part # 5511804-S

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Titanium Bullet Nose

99% Mechanical Efficiency

Fully Rebuildable/Upgradeable

No Oil or Water Lines Required

Anti-Surge Compressor Housing

Billet Aluminum Bearing Housing

Can Be Mounted In Any Orientation

Inconel 713C 10 Bladed Turbine Wheel

Patented TRIPLEX CERAMIC™ Ball Bearing Air Cooled System

NEW 7/14 Vane Billet Slim Hub Extended Tip Compressor Wheel


Anodized Bearing Housing

Anodized Compressor Wheels

Polished Compressor Housing

Ceramic Coated Turbine Housing

Powder Coated Compressor Housing

CTR Compressor Wheel Technology

The R-line of compressor wheels are 7-14 vaned and embody the latest in compressor design technology.  They feature a minimum diameter hub to maximize intake airflow and an extended tip design for increased efficiency at higher pressure ratios. The R-line design features, including maximum inducer diameters, produce higher boost pressures at high engine speeds and allow increases in engine HP output of up to 15%. The R-line of advanced design compressor wheels is now available on our complete line of CT turbochargers.