Comp Turbo Technology, Inc. (CTTI), founded in 2007, was born under the mindset of revolutionizing the turbocharger industry with new, innovative technology in turbocharger design.  From the beginning, CTTI has focused primarily on quality and performance of the product line.  All of the turbocharger designs have been created using three standard rules:  innovation, performance, and the utmost in product quality.


CTTI continues to be the leading innovator in the turbocharger industry and the CTTI unique designs have the ability to set you apart from competition.  The ball bearing systems with their high mechanical efficiency provide rapid vehicle acceleration, and their excellent durability has been proven by thirteen years of performance in the field.  CTTI oil-less models are the only ones available that do not require lube oil from the engines.  CTTI continues to create long lasting, high performance turbochargers with emphasis on customer satisfaction and product quality above all else.


CTTI is headquartered in Pomona, CA.  Manufacturing equipment consists of CNC machinery, including five-axis machines that are dedicated to the precise manufacture of the components that comprise our superior turbocharger models.  We have the latest in dynamic balancing equipment that not only balances individual components, but also can balance the complete rotor assembly used in each turbocharger.  The facility is manned by a highly trained team of experts, many of which have been with us from the beginning.


At CTTI , we're proud to offer industry-leading, dedicated customer service. This starts with our extensively trained and experienced sales team. Embodying courtesy, respect, and collaboration, our team is dedicated to ensuring all interactions with CTTI are exceptional. To learn more about our high quality performance turbochargers and customer service please contact us today.

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Comp Turbo Technology Inc.   

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