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Comp Turbo Technology Inc. is an industry-leading name synonymous with innovation, performance, and quality in the world of turbocharger technology. Its 15-year history is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of turbocharger design and engineering.

The story of Comp Turbo dates to its founding, rooted in the vision of revolutionizing turbocharger technology. From the outset, the company set out to redefine industry standards by developing cutting-edge solutions that would transform the performance capabilities of a wide range of engines, from high-performance race cars to everyday vehicles seeking optimal turbocharger power and efficiency.
Over the years, Comp Turbo has consistently driven the industry forward with its relentless pursuit of innovation. Pioneering advancements in compressor, turbine wheel technology and the inventors of the first ever patented oil-less turbocharger, the brand has continually set new benchmarks for performance, responsiveness, durability, and simplification.

One of the key milestones in Comp Turbo’s history is the development of its proprietary triplex oil-less turbocharger. By eliminating oil lubrication, it led to taking the turbo industry to a new level.Furthermore, the brand’s commitment to research and development has yielded turbocharger solutions that have become synonymous with reliability and durability. The integration of the quality materials and manufacturing techniques has not only elevated the performance capabilities of Comp Turbo products but has also ensured their resilience in the face of extreme operating conditionsIn addition to its technological achievements, Comp Turbo has cemented its status as a go-to source for turbocharger solutions. With a dedication to customization and personalized support, the brand has empowered enthusiasts, racers, and aftermarket industry to realize their unique power and efficiency goals by tailoring turbocharger solutions to their specific requirements.Looking to the future, Comp Turbo continues to be at the vanguard of turbocharger technology. As the industry evolves, the brand remains at the forefront, continually developing new technologies and refining existing ones to meet the ever-changing demands of high-performance applications.

In summary, Comp Turbo’s history is a chronicle of innovation, advancement, and unparalleled dedication to delivering turbocharger solutions that set the standard for performance and reliability. With a legacy of groundbreaking achievements and an unyielding commitment to progress, Comp Turbo is poised to continue shaping the future of turbocharger technology, empowering performance enthusiasts to unleash the full potential of their turbocharged engines.

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