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New Patented CTR Air Cooled Turbocharger


Fully Customizable

Serviceable On Site

Rapid Rotor Acceleration

99% Mechanical Efficiency

Fully Rebuildable/Upgradeable

Can Be Mounted In Any Orientation

Anodizing, Ceramic, and Powder Coating Services

Pomona, California, November 5, 2019. As of this date, Comp Turbo Technology, Inc. announces the availability of a new, innovative turbocharger model that does not require cooling water from the engine. The new air-cooled model, designated CTAC, eliminates the traditional water lines that carry cooling water to and from the turbocharger water jacket.

An internal passage inside the turbocharger directs a flow of cooling air from the space behind the compressor wheel into the cooling jacket in the turbocharger bearing housing. Since the temperature of the air behind the compressor wheel is approximately one half of the total temperature rise in the compression process, it can be used as a cooling medium. The amount of cooling air will increase as the speed of the turbocharger increases since the pressure ratio developed by the compressor increases with speed.

The new water-less turbocharger can be added to the popular oil-less models to provide turbochargers that can be mounted in any orientation on the engine and the absence of oil and water lines makes turbocharger locations much more convenient.

Again, Comp Turbo Technology, Inc. continues to extend the boundaries of small turbocharger technology by offering its customers a new, innovative design that lowers engine installation expense.

For more information on the new air-cooled models, contact Comp Turbo Technology, Inc. at 909-594-8400, or

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