New CT-R Mirror Image Turbochargers

Reverse rotation turbochargers are a mirror image of conventional rotation turbos and allow for symmetry in V-configuration engine twin turbo setups. Symmetric turbos also allow for ease of intercooler, charge pipe, and exhaust fabrication! Reverse rotation turbos aren’t limited to twin turbo application’s, they could provide the clearance needed for inline engine configurations.


S-Cover - 4" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet

CTR3081S-5858 650HP
CTR3281S-6062 750HP
CTR3593S-6262 800HP
CTR3793S-6467 825HP
CTR3693S-6265 925HP
CTR3893S-6767 1000HP
CTR3993S-6871 1100HP
CTR4193S-6875 1150HP


H-Cover - 4" Inlet / 3" Outlet

CTR4093H-6871 1100HP
CTR4002H-6875 1150HP
CTR4102H-7275 1175HP
CTR4201H-7675 1200HP
CTR4208H-7880 1300HP

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