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CTR High Flow Turbine Technology


As of April 17, 2020, Comp Turbo Technology, Inc. announces the availability of the new CTR High Flow Turbine Wheel Technology. The CTR Turbine wheels are 25% lower inertia leading to faster rotor acceleration. The slim hub and thin blade design make this wheel unique while the design feature maximizes the flow capacity, increasing it  by 30% more than the prior GT style Turbine wheel. The Comp Turbo CTR high flow turbine wheels have minimal leaving velocity due to a longer surface blade length, thus leaving losses are minimized.  Which leads to higher turbine efficiency and greater flow range than available turbine wheels in the industry.  CTR turbine wheels are designed where high exhaust flow capability is required and have minimal leaving gas velocity that increases turbine efficiency.  For more information on the new CTR high flow turbine wheel technology contact Comp Turbo Technology at 909-594-8400, or

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